Bears, beets, Battlestar Galactica

Humans have lost our way. Our brains have taken control over our natural choices.

Dams, fish ladders, hunting regulations, fashion, parks, species protection….. we’ve got it all wrong. We are just a part of the natural cycle like everything else. Humans are a predatory species. We WANT to kill. Just like your cat or dog, it’s in us too. There are a lot of us and we’re kind of everywhere, so obviously it’s not practical to go out and kill everything we see, that is NOT what nature is telling your brain. So what have we done? Sports, video games, movies, theater, all show and immortalize death, and all the ritual that comes with it. But that’s just it. Death is such a ritualized and fictionalized scenario for us that we say “fur is murder’ but feed our own children chicken nuggets. Get with it. No one species has more claim to space, or is morally objectionable to the earth. If you need to claim some space, or eat meat, claim it, own it, and realize the impact you are having on your immediate environment.

If you choose to not eat meat do your research. Bears. Bears are huge fierce animals I think we will all agree represent natural power to us in some way. What do bears eat? Twigs and f**kin berries. A bear’s diet is upwards of 90% vegetarian, foraging mostly on vegetation, berries and fruit, also consuming other low calorie foods such as insects. However, the fuel gained by a bear eating meat is essential to their life. It is a misconception to think that bears chase down dear and elk, they DO manage to catch live young, but most large red meat are carrion finds. Bears are also adept fishermen in coastal areas, and places with fish spawning in the rivers. With out this concentrated fat laden fuel, the bear wouldn’t be who he (or she) is.

Bears are a perfect example of the macrobiotic diet. “One goal of modern macrobiotics is to become sensitive to the actual effects of foods on health and well-being, rather than to follow dietary rules and regulations. Dietary guidelines, however, help in developing sensitivity and an intuitive sense for what sustains health and well-being”. The macrobiotic belief is that all foods as well as life have a yin or yang classification. Becoming aware of these classifications can guide you to a more balanced life. Meat which is HIGHLY yang, or concentrated, is not disallowed but seriously restricted, as it should be to fit in with your balanced life. See?

If we as a species, and one who’s brain have put us in a sometimes uncomfortable drivers seat, try to reconnect with our natural selves, become at ease with our natural thoughts and desires, we will achieve a balance, far gone from human existence. It’s not so far gone as to be forgotten, we know the way, our TVs block it, but we have guides. So just remember; follow the bear’s example, eat your beets (when in season, and locally grown), and it’s “ok” to let your brain enjoy Battlestar Galactica.

2 Responses to “Bears, beets, Battlestar Galactica”

  1. Good insight on our craziness and hypocrisy! Indeed, fur is murder, and can you pass the steak?
    Have been working on reconnecting for the past few years and am constantly amazed at how much ‘deprogramming’ there is to do!
    Thank you for posting.

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